The Indian Harbour Montessori Makos 4-H Club recently participated in the “Art on a Rain Barrel Contest” UCF-IFAS extension–Brevard Co. Fair, with their project titled “Indian River Lagoon”.

What is a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel is a 55-gallon recycled food-grade plastic barrel that is placed at the outlet of a roof gutter to catch rooftop runoff during a storm (referred to as “stormwater”). When stormwater runs off of impervious surfaces like roofs, parking lots, compacted soils, and roads, it accumulates fine sand, nutrients like phosphorus, bacteria from animal wastes, oil, grease and heavy metals from cars, and delivers these pollutants to nearby rivers and streams. Stormwater threatens the integrity of our drinking water source, the water quality of streams that we swim in, and the habitat of fish and other aquatic life. Rain barrels are an important part of the solution, as they intercept stormwater before it runs across the landscape and into our waterways. The stormwater collected in a rain barrel can be used to water lawns and gardens, thereby conserving water and protecting water quality.

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