Music All Around This World


Indian Harbour Montessori 3rd & 4th grade students are currently studying a unit in Music called Music All Around This World. Each week, we travel to a new country in South America and learn about the culture and music of the people who call that country home. The first week we learned about the Cueca, the national dance of Chile. This week we traveled to Argentina and learned about the Tango. Each week we will learn a new step to add to our dance from around South America.

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Elements in the Extraordinary Role of the Montessori Teacher


Anne Burke Neubert, in A Way Of Learning (1973), listed the following elements in the extraordinary role of the Montessori teacher: Montessori teachers are the dynamic link between children and the Prepared Environment. They systematic observe their students and interpret their needs. They are constantly experimenting, modifying the environment to meet their perceptions of each child's needs and interests, and objectively noting the result. They prepare an environment meant to facilitate children’s independence and ability to freely select work that they find appealing, selecting activities that will appeal to their interests and keeping the environment in perfect condition, adding to it [...]

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Integrating Gardening into the Classroom


Indian Harbour Montessori School promotes education, health, and wellness, by connecting children to the natural world through organic gardening. Ms. Theresa Trawick is helping children establish a positive relationship with their natural world by simply opening the door of the classroom. She uses the vegetable garden as a place to enrich the classroom lessons and allow students to experience learning from their own observations--all while munching on fresh vegetables picked from the garden! "Third and fourth grade students truly love their garden work! Many even ask to spend their recess time here, planting seeds, thinning seedlings, potting newly rooted plants from [...]

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IHM 5th & 6th Grade Students: Styrohead Experiment


Recently at Indian Harbour Montessori, Room 22, our 5th and 6th Graders, took a blank Styrofoam head as pictured below, signed each of their names and sent it with Captain Blohm who works offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Once on board the ship, Styrohead was placed in the ship's ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which went to a depth of 7,050 feet. In the process, Styrohead shrank because of the pressure, as pictured. The students took measurements before and after Styrohead's trip and will be charting and graphing the results. We'd like to thank Captain Blohm for helping us out with [...]

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The Sumerians Project


What I Learned from the Sumerian Team Project Experience (as reported by 5th and 6th graders at Indian Harbour Montessori on team evaluation forms for the Sumerian Brochure Project using the Microsoft Surface RT Tablets that were recently purchased by the MPTO) I learned a lot about the Sumerians and how to work as a team. I learned that if we split up the work then we could get things done better and faster. I learned a lot about our ancient ancestors and how they lived, and learned some things about the surface that even I didn’t know. We learned a [...]

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Indian Harbour Montessori Students Unlock Florida’s Ancient Past


What treasures can be found here? Florida’s National Parks are home to fossils of many prehistoric species. There’s the saber-toothed cat and the carcharodon megalodon shark, (once stretching as big as a bus); there are animals such as the giant woolly mammoth, the cave bear, cave hyena, and the cave lion, as well. To promote awareness and stewardship of fossils—the record of evolving life on a dynamic planet—and foster greater appreciation of their value to science and education, Indian Harbour Montessori will join the National Park Service (NPS) and the American Geological Institute (AGI) in celebrating National Fossil Day on October, [...]

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Montessori schools emphasize self-discovery


Written by Linda Morgan, ParentMap Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician who created a new method of educating young children, once said that the "inner-directed life of the child has its own characteristics and ends, different from those of the adult." In other words, children feel, act and behave differently than grown-ups. That concept may be less than revolutionary to present-day educators and parents. But in turn-of-the-20th-century Europe, that kind of thinking was groundbreaking. In those days, youngsters -- often viewed as adults in miniature -- were to be seen and not heard. Maria Montessori not only saw children, she celebrated [...]

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Why Montessori Elementary?


This is a summary of a 1998 article, "Montessori for the Elementary," written by Tim Seldin, President of The Montessori Foundation. As the child approaches six, parents are faced with a choice of whether to continue their child's Montessori education or transition them to a more traditional school setting. Here are some important reasons to consider enrolling your child in Montessori Elementary. Academic Excellence In the elementary classroom, Montessori students move from the more concrete world of their preschool years to a more abstract world that leads them to question "why?" The elementary curriculum encourages and nurtures this natural curiosity through [...]

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Child’s Instinct to Work


The following lecture was given by Dr. Montessori at the beginning of the XXIVth International Course in London in 1939. The following is just as it was taken down in translation as Dr. Montessori spoke. Education should have for its basis, and for the guidance of its construction, an aim. It is not sufficient to say that the child must be the center of education, we must know our aim and the trend we must follow in mapping out the life of humanity. Man is born; he goes forth. But where does he go? One must have a plan as all [...]

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