Self Discipline: Practical Activities


Self Discipline Helping your child to learn how to take control of himself is one of the most challenging parts of being a parent. We all want to be able to go about our normal lives knowing that we can trust our child to behave and cope with different social situations. You can create the circumstances for your child to develop self-discipline by following three simple steps: Create an environment that fosters self-discipline Connect your child to the life going on around her through involving her in practical activities and offering her choices. Make time for your child to be involved [...]

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Montessori schools emphasize self-discovery


Written by Linda Morgan, ParentMap Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician who created a new method of educating young children, once said that the "inner-directed life of the child has its own characteristics and ends, different from those of the adult." In other words, children feel, act and behave differently than grown-ups. That concept may be less than revolutionary to present-day educators and parents. But in turn-of-the-20th-century Europe, that kind of thinking was groundbreaking. In those days, youngsters -- often viewed as adults in miniature -- were to be seen and not heard. Maria Montessori not only saw children, she celebrated [...]

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Montessori in the Home


Even though, on their own, they may tend to create chaos, young children have a tremendous need and love for an orderly environment. When everything has its own place and the environment is organized it makes it easier for the child (and parent) to maintain a neat and well-organized atmosphere. Here are some ways in which you can support your child. The Bedroom Children’s bedrooms may clearly reflect their personalities and interests. Ideally, the young child’s bed is low to the ground, making it easy for toddlers to go in and out on their own. Rather than a crib, Montessori urged [...]

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