These children will receive science & art awards on stage at the Melbourne Auditorium on Thursday, March 10. Students should dress nicely.


4th Grade
Biological – Bailey S. (3rd)
Environmental – Lance G. (1st)

5th Grade
Biological – Sophia C. (2nd)
Environmental – Brooke W. (3rd)

6th Grade
Biological – Avery B. (3rd)
Environmental – Jonathan R. (2nd)
Physical – Kaylee K. (3rd)


3rd Place-2D – Sophia C.

Merit Winners:
Amelia M.
Abby M.
Shweta P.
Chance W.

Indian Harbour Montessori District Science Fair 2016 Awards

Thurs., March 10th

Melbourne Auditorium will open for viewing all science projects and artwork starting at 3:30. Please come out to support our team.

Awards for art begin at 6:30 PM, so art award recipients report to the stage by 6:15.

Science awards follow at 7:00 PM, so science awards recipients will report to the stage by 6:45.

As soon as you arrive, you should pick up your binder. After the ceremony, pick up your board and take it home. All science boards and binders must be taken home following the ceremony. Art will be taken back to school by Mrs. Everett. Do not take your artwork home.

Thank you for your creativity and hard work. What a super team!