Crick Crack, 13 Ghoulish Tales for Tweens

A Must-Read for Pre-Teens

13_ghoulish_tales_for_tweensChocked with thrills, goosebumps, and eerie action, Vlad Pale’s tales with a twist deliver the shiver while maintaining age-appropriate taste. Perfect for sleepovers, Halloween, or daily consumption, these memorable stories are must-reads for tweens.

Pre-teens will enjoy the spooky twists on situations recognizable from their own lives. Here you will jockey with a ghost at a sleepover, battle otherworldly monsters in a crosswalk at school, and risk your fate on a fiendish roller coaster. Plus meet a shadow with an unusual ambition, pursue an eerie solution for impossible homework, and face the creature that won’t let go of your loose tooth. Seven additional stories lurk, each equally hair-raising. Vlad Pale’s Crick Crack, 13 Ghoulish Tales for Tweens, should be a go-to favorite in every pre-teen’s library.

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About the Author

Tim McGlen, author of Vlad Pale’s Crick Crack, 13 Ghoulish Tales for Tweens was first attracted to the Montessori method of education when a colleague in publishing regularly shared the interesting details of his daughter’s nontraditional education and her incredible achievements in the classroom and as a member of the community. In his tenth year as a Montessori director, Tim’s favorite thing is seeing his fifth and sixth-grade students respond with enthusiasm to a lesson and subsequent work. This happens often in the classroom and motivates him daily. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Regardless, the sequence works, as exhibited by his students’ great attitudes and success in junior high and beyond. When Tim’s not teaching or coaching he enjoys writing for children. With Crick Crack he believes he may have actually hit one out of the infield.