Sixth Grade Graduation


Congratulations 6th Grade Graduates! It's been a memorable year! Best of luck to our Graduates of 2014, and we wish everyone a wonderful summer vacation. Congrats to: Macguire A., Andrew B., Joshua K., Emily M., Ian M., Zohra M., Emily P., Patience P., Whitney S., Sofia V., and Zachary W. "The education of a very small child does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life." Maria Montessori "Children are the world's most valuable resource, and its best hope for the future." John F. Kennedy Sixth Grade Slide Presentation by Fifth Grade Students

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IHM 5th & 6th Grade Students: Styrohead Experiment


Recently at Indian Harbour Montessori, Room 22, our 5th and 6th Graders, took a blank Styrofoam head as pictured below, signed each of their names and sent it with Captain Blohm who works offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Once on board the ship, Styrohead was placed in the ship's ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) which went to a depth of 7,050 feet. In the process, Styrohead shrank because of the pressure, as pictured. The students took measurements before and after Styrohead's trip and will be charting and graphing the results. We'd like to thank Captain Blohm for helping us out with [...]

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The Sumerians Project


What I Learned from the Sumerian Team Project Experience (as reported by 5th and 6th graders at Indian Harbour Montessori on team evaluation forms for the Sumerian Brochure Project using the Microsoft Surface RT Tablets that were recently purchased by the MPTO) I learned a lot about the Sumerians and how to work as a team. I learned that if we split up the work then we could get things done better and faster. I learned a lot about our ancient ancestors and how they lived, and learned some things about the surface that even I didn’t know. We learned a [...]

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