Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Dougherty


Michelle Dougherty, IHM Class of 2005 Michelle attended Indian Harbour Montessori through 6th grade. She then attended Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne and graduated with honors in 2011. She is currently a psychology major attending Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. She is also a member of the FAU Equestrian Team. Upon graduation in 2015, she plans on pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology. Watch the video below to learn more Keep in Touch We welcome news from all our EFC & IHM alumni. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by to say “hi” and let us [...]

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The Sumerians Project


What I Learned from the Sumerian Team Project Experience (as reported by 5th and 6th graders at Indian Harbour Montessori on team evaluation forms for the Sumerian Brochure Project using the Microsoft Surface RT Tablets that were recently purchased by the MPTO) I learned a lot about the Sumerians and how to work as a team. I learned that if we split up the work then we could get things done better and faster. I learned a lot about our ancient ancestors and how they lived, and learned some things about the surface that even I didn’t know. We learned a [...]

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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Leslie Thomas


Alumni Spotlight Dr. Leslie Thomas, DVM, DACVS-SA Leslie Thomas attended Especially For Children from 1983-1989. Leslie is now a veterinary surgeon at Veterinary Surgical Specialists in Tampa. Dr. Leslie Thomas received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Stetson University in 2000, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She received her DVM degree from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville in 2005. Dr. Thomas pursued post-graduate training and study in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care with an internship at the prestigious Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, MA in 2006. Following her year in Boston, she completed a surgical internship [...]

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Indian Harbour Montessori Students Celebrate International Peace Day


Peace Day 2013 Indian Harbour Montessori had a Peace Day celebration last Friday, October 18th. Students 3-6 years at IHM have been learning about peace and other cultures since the first day of school. As a part of our Peace Day Celebration, students sang peace songs, created peace artwork, and alongside their parents prepared and tasted authentic foods from the culture they represented. Teachers and spectators enjoyed watching the children parade as they represented different nations. Maria Montessori believed that “establishing peace is the work of education.” With this in mind, Indian Harbor Montessori focuses on helping adults and children alike [...]

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Montessori schools emphasize self-discovery


Written by Linda Morgan, ParentMap Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician who created a new method of educating young children, once said that the "inner-directed life of the child has its own characteristics and ends, different from those of the adult." In other words, children feel, act and behave differently than grown-ups. That concept may be less than revolutionary to present-day educators and parents. But in turn-of-the-20th-century Europe, that kind of thinking was groundbreaking. In those days, youngsters -- often viewed as adults in miniature -- were to be seen and not heard. Maria Montessori not only saw children, she celebrated [...]

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Why Montessori Elementary?


This is a summary of a 1998 article, "Montessori for the Elementary," written by Tim Seldin, President of The Montessori Foundation. As the child approaches six, parents are faced with a choice of whether to continue their child's Montessori education or transition them to a more traditional school setting. Here are some important reasons to consider enrolling your child in Montessori Elementary. Academic Excellence In the elementary classroom, Montessori students move from the more concrete world of their preschool years to a more abstract world that leads them to question "why?" The elementary curriculum encourages and nurtures this natural curiosity through [...]

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