What I Learned from the Sumerian Team Project Experience

(as reported by 5th and 6th graders at Indian Harbour Montessori on team evaluation forms for the Sumerian Brochure Project using the Microsoft Surface RT Tablets that were recently purchased by the MPTO)


I learned a lot about the Sumerians and how to work as a team.

I learned that if we split up the work then we could get things done better and faster.

I learned a lot about our ancient ancestors and how they lived, and learned some things about the surface that even I didn’t know.

We learned a lot of new stuff from the surface. We learned how to make a brochure and how to make a drawing.

I learned that we all make a really good team and we had a good time and didn’t ever really complain.


I learned that we should put more time into the research and not the pictures.

I learned working with other people is not always easy but if you are open to ideas it makes it a lot easier.

I learned that Sumerians invented a lot of things that we use today like algebra and that they were great architects.

I learned that people like being in charge. Also, I need to level out the working more.


I learned that sometimes you have to keep your opinion strong if it is right.

I learned that you should always respect what your team members suggest because­ it could be a great idea.

I was happy I got to learn lots about the Sumerians.

I learned that working as a team is had and you have to be willing to make compromises to be successful.


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