Physical Education is an integral part of the education at Indian Harbour Montessori. One of our goals is to provide a fun and safe environment in which all children can excel. Games, activities, and skill development are all taught with an emphasis on the development of a healthy, active child.


Fitness is a major component of the physical education program; so is finding an activity or sport that a child can learn and continue to pursue throughout adulthood. A healthy, active body leads to a healthy, active brain. Studies show that children, who exercise regularly at least three times a week for 20 minutes or more, are more likely to excel academically.


At Indian Harbour Montessori, children in 1st through 4th grade have P.E. four times a week for 30 minutes, Kindergarten students have P.E. one time a week for 30 minutes, 5th & 6th Grade students have P.E. two times a week for 60 minutes and all students participate in recess each day after lunch.

All Kindergarten through 6th grade students are encouraged to participate in numerous after school sports.