Administrator/ Teacher Testimonials

As an educator, an administrator and parent, I have found the perfect place to enrich my career and utilize my expertise, while providing an amazing educational foundation for my own children. Being the Administrator of Especially For Children~Indian Harbour Montessori for the last 12 years, has allowed me to fulfill my earliest career goals. All of the children here amaze and inspire me every day. They allow me to “Share the Wonder” of what they experience. Our teachers are a dedicated team of loving professionals who always think “outside of the box” to challenge and strengthen each student’s abilities. Our parents are involved at every level and enrich their child’s Montessori educational experience by being a part of it. EFC~IHM–A Treasure in Indian Harbour Beach! Come and discover…An Education for a Lifetime…for Your Child. ~~ Denise L. Johnson ~ Administrator

As part of an Early Childhood Education class at BCC, our instructor took us on a tour of a 3-6 Montessori classroom. The room was beautiful and I wanted to open all of the boxes of materials on the shelves. I was hooked! The classroom I toured was at EFC/IHM and several years after that tour, I became part of the 3-6 team at EFC/IHM. ~~ Sharon D. Yarbrough

This is not what I ever thought I would be doing and to my amazement has become a life time of change through the eyes of precious children. For the last 13 years at EFC/IHM, every day has been different, full of new challenges and joy. What else could anyone ask for? Lot of laughter and wonderment! Montessori opened my eyes and my heart in a million ways. ~~ Nancy E. Griffin

I was first attracted to the Montessori method of education when a colleague in publishing regularly shared the interesting details of his daughter’s nontraditional education and her incredible achievements in the classroom and as a member of a community. I am now loving every minute of my eighth year as director of fifth and sixth grade at Indian Harbour Montessori. I particularly enjoy our creative learning environment and participating in and witnessing our children’s growth as they take increasing command of their learning from the beginning of fifth to the end of sixth grade. ~~ Tim McGlen

As a Montessori Teacher’s Assistant for the past four years, I have learned a great deal regarding the traditional Montessori approach. Through patience, kindness and independantly acknowledging every student as an individual, I have been allowed into their world; and what a beautiful world it is! I have created bonds, shared smiles, caught laughs, comforted, encouraged and helped educate the young members of our society. My world and it’s limits, have soared beyond my expectations! ~~ Erika Pacheco

I worked for the Brevard County School system for three years. When I interviewed for a position at Especially For Children, I was blown away by what I saw. Each child was quiet, independent, and working with confidence. I felt so strongly about what I saw I enrolled my own daughter into the Pre-Montessori program. Now my daughter, Madelyn, is in a 3-6 classroom and I am truly amazed by the changes I see in her everyday. I attribute that to the awesome staff and an amazing Montessori environment. ~~ Amanda Robey

My Montessori experience began 30 years ago with my son’s journey into Montessori. It opened my eyes to an amazing new way of teaching. I became totally fascinated and decided I wanted to become a Montessori teacher that has led me to a way of life and joy through the eyes of a child. ~~ Lou Wright

After a military move brought my family to Florida in 1992, I was given the opportunity by Cynthia Thomas to join this special Montessori community of supportive parents and enthusiastic students, along with a team of dedicated teachers. Every day, it is amazing to watch happy, curious children experience the joy of learning. Now, over 20 years later, I’m proud to have had a small role in nurturing another generation at EFC/IHM, as these students develop into life-long independent learners, good citizens, and successful leaders. ~~ Linda Silverthorn

After receiving my BA in Elementary Education and substituting in the area, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to also receive Montessori training for ages 6-9. Fifteen years later, I still love the Montessori Philosophy and the way it empowers children to think independently and to do work they are proud of. The Montessori materials and experiences are designed for children to learn in different ways; with their style of learning in mind and at their own pace. With a nurturing, respectful environment, we are able to foster a child’s love of learning and the freedom to go far beyond a lot of expectations. ~~ Diane Coates

I have been at Indian Harbour Montessori for 20 years; I am the Athletic Director and Summer Camp Director for Elementary. I love to see the expression on a child’s face when they finally accomplish a skill or achieve their personal best time and what a joy to see their expression when they make their first basket, goal or score. I love seeing them improve and go on to the next level in junior high. ~~ Penny Naugle

Practical means: basic, useful, purposeful; Life means: the way of living. I’ve been teaching elementary age children for 19 years and still to this day, I find my greatest satisfaction in observing the children during the practical life lessons we share. Both boys and girls giggle with amazement at the wriggly worms they find under the top layer of soil in our worm farm. They shout with glee when they find that their air-layered branch has new roots, so they can now cut it off of its mother plant to plant it in a pot of its own. Every child is anxious to take home their regular harvest of fresh herbs from the hydroponic box in the classroom. Weekly, the students crowd around and eagerly taste the classroom-made bread that is from a recipe different from the last child’s choice. It is the children and their joy of discovery that motivates me to give my very best to them. ~~ Theresa Trawick

I began my Montessori experience at Indian Harbour Montessori 9 years ago as an assistant in the 3-6 program. Being a Montessori teacher is very rewarding as I am watching children grow and develop a true love of learning. I enjoy seeing the children at IHM enthusiastic about coming to school every day. I now have the joy of watching my son thrive in the toddler program at Especially For Children and am excited for many more years as a Montessori educator and parent. ~~ Gretchen Yarbrough

Although I have been teaching for the past three years, this is my first year in a Montessori classroom as an intern and classroom assistant. I am so excited to watch the children grow. I feel very honored to be in a calm, loving and supportive Montessori classroom and to see the children’s progress everyday. ~~ Megan Randlett

As a former public school teacher, I was introduced to Montessori as a result of my personal and professional frustrations in the traditional classroom setting. My philosophy as an educator has always been that the teacher should follow the child. Being in a Montessori environment allows me to be the nurturer, encourager, facilitator and educator. As Haim Ginott wrote: “I am the decisive element in the classroom. It is my approach that creates the climate…I can make a child’s life miserable or joyous.” Many of us have heard, “It isn’t the destination, but the journey.” The beauty of Montessori is having the ability to focus on the journey of each and every child and to create that special and individualized environment. It is a privilege to be a part of something so incredibly special. ~~ Lara Trinkhaus

For the last 5 years, I have worked assisting students reach their potential in the Computer/Language Lab. It is rewarding to see our students progressively learn computer skills. I would like keyboarding to be as automatic for our students as forming letters with a pencil. In conjunction with their Montessori experience, it is gratifying to know we are teaching our students lifelong skills. ~~ Kathryn Herbert